Full Stack Test AutomationContinuous Feedback From Start to Finish!FRI, OCT 7 AT 8:30 AM, AMSTERDAM


Hands on conference October 7 - het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Learn from the trenches in hands-on workshops, connect with the community and get inspired by the top speakers! Experience inspirational lightning talks, hands-on workshops, war stories, technical use-cases, test deep-dives, live music and so much more...

The conference for tech-savvy testers and test-savvy techies.

Academy day October 6 - Xebia, Wibautstraat, Amsterdam

Get yourself immersed into modern test framework technologies: learn how to set up mobile testing, scalable QA environments, or advanced AngularJS testing strategies. Join the TestWorks Conf Academy Day to get yourself up to speed and well prepared for all TestWorks Conf hands-on sessions and workshops.

*The definitive content of the academy day will depend on the program of the event day!

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[KEYNOTE] Zero To Automation: Lyft's Journey in Scaling Mobile UI Testing by Adam Pallin, Software Engineer at Lyft

Lyft's unique growth in the disruptive and highly competitive market of on-demand transportation has lead to an intriguing testing and release strategy. Time to market and shipping of well qualified new features are essential. Learn about Lyft’s journey on how they started with testing using traditional approaches, migrated toward automation and have built the scaffolding to continue toward automated qualification and release for mobile. Observe their challenges and successes to see for yourself how a key player is scaling up their business.

[LIGHTING TALK] Emoji Driven Development for Accelerated Continuous Integrationby Adam Pallin, Software Engineer at Lyft

Ever wondered how emojis could be more useful than expressing your feelings on social media or text messages?  Come find out during this talk where you will learn how Lyft uses emojis, yes emojis, to manage, deploy and review code.  This take on continuous integration has had a huge impact on our company and even affected our culture as developers. Observe how this tool hooks into our SCM system, handles checks and makes developing and deploying code easier and a lot more expressive.

[Workshop] Start security testing with the tools you already use!by Jeroen Willemsen, Dave van Stein, Elmar Lecher & Nanne Baars

Do you write tests with Protractor, Selenium, Androids Espresso or other frameworks? What if you could use those to start your security testing? Join us in this workshop where we show you how you can use your functional / E2E tests to start testing the security of your back-end! We’ll guide you through some of the most often found security issues and explain them along the way.

Scaling out your load tests with Visual Studio Team Servicesby Marcel de Vries, co-founder and CTO of Xpirit

Encountering head-aching infrastructure hassles when performance testing? Cloud-based load testing enables us to make load testing a simple repeatable step in the continuous delivery pipeline without any complex setup of infrastructure. Join this session to learn how you can run Apache JMeter or Visual Studio based load tests on the Visual Studio Team Services cloud Load testing environment, from different datacenters cross the globe.

Unstable and unreliable UI tests – end of an era by Ivan Shubin, Test Engineer eBay/Marktplaats

Are your UI tests as useful as a chocolate teapot? Look no further! UI testing is considered as one of the most fragile and slow parts in a continuous integration environment. As test suites grow from just a few to thousands of tests, it becomes nearly impossible to get a green build. Should you then lower the amount of UI tests you have? Not necessarily! This talk will show you how to dramatically increase the speed, stability and quality of your UI tests in a simple way.

[GAME] Robot Challenge by Jochum Börger, Fin Kingma, Xavier Viuda, Erik Zeedijk

Is testing a robot different from testing software? What are the options? What are the difficulties? Do you mock? What about the hardware?
Testing hardware brings new challenges and requires you to think about your test approach. In this workshop you are going to use JavaScript, NodeJs, CucumberJs and of course mBot robots. While using different testing techniques you will find new insights into the working of the software and the robot. Can your team release to production without bugs?

Put the test to the test: Continuous Delivery @Wehkamp by Arjan Molenaar

Despite the new Wehkamp platform being under development for over a year, all deployments to integrated environments and production are done by hand (well, the push of a button). But when you go to production, how do you assess that nothing is broken? How can we make use of the existing test suites, without introducing extra maintenance? In this talk we'll outline how we solved this puzzle at Wehkamp.

Build it, test it, run it in production @ bol.comby Ivo de Bruijn and Ernest Micklei, bol.com

Delivering new features to customers quickly and reliably is key for any online business. But how do online retailers ship faster, without compromising on quality? How do they have the confidence to push changes to production on a daily basis? Join this talk to see for yourself how bol.com gets features built, tested and running in production.
Siegfried Goeschl

Making little things big with Gatlingby Siegfried Goeschl, Erste Bank

At its heart, Gatling is a performance test tool. Yet, it also allows you to start with a minimal functional test suite and extend it along the way. Join this talk to learn how an initial, simple Gatling setup at Erste Bank evolved into a full-blown killer solution, addressing API change detection, multi-tenancy, and scale up across multiple departments along the way.
Eric Nieuwenhuijsen

Infrastructure testing straight from your CI pipelineby Eric Nieuwenhuijsen, Xebia

By now you're probably unit testing your application or at least thinking about unit testing your application. But what about your target infrastructure? In this talk we'll show you how to use unit tests to verify your target environment straight from your CI pipeline. Focusing mainly on Docker you'll see lots of container examples but with some sidesteps to show you how to leverage these techniques on traditional infrastructure as well. There's no excuse anymore: don't just test your application code but test the application and its target environment!

Serenity BDD: Beyond the basics!by Stefan Schenk and Mike van Vendeloo, De Testers and JPoint

We have all seen the simple Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) examples using frameworks like Cucumber, JBehave and Thucydides/Serenity BDD. But what if you need to apply BDD in a large microservices environment? What if you have a more complicated environment than is usually covered by those single page code samples?

Join this talk to learn how the Serenity BDD framework was used in a large microservices environment built for a Dutch insurance company. This talk features practical examples of modularity, reuse of steps and pages, error handling, user story structure and how to incorporate the tests into your Continuous Delivery pipeline.

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